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Inspiration Gallery is a space where you can view Decopainel products in real environments. Ihis is one way to honor the work of our design professionals and be inspired. Is you would like to submit your project for evaluation, read the requirements below.
All images go through an approval process. To maintain a standard of quality, we request that the image be sent with a high resolution and should not contain text, watermark, logo or any other mark, people, work of leftover materials or objects that are not part of the final composition of the project environment.
By submitting your image for evaluation, you agree and accept automatically and comprehensively the terms described below regarding the use of image authorization and copyright:
I. Authorizes Decopainel, company brand Aramar Indústria e Comércio Ltda, to use, display, reproduce, communicate, publish in its entirety or partially, for images you assigned, and for an indefinite period;
II. Authorizes the ways described at the end I, the images assigned are used in original or adapted mode (cut, approximate, filters);
III. Authorizes the images for you transferred are served in the National or International level through media and advertising such as newspapers, magazines, advertisements, flyers, brochures, TV, radio, virtual environments (blog, websites, etc.), promotional materials, merchandising or other related disclosure;
IV. States and recognizes that the images are transferred free of charge and are not related to any use of exclusive contract or compensation;
V. About copyrights: You agree that you are responsible and liable for sending third-authored with images and are used as if they were his own;
SAW. You acknowledge that third parties may copy, save, play or share your images transferred to Decopainel and is aware that it is the responsibility of the third respect the credits to the author.
Decopainel reserves the right to insert or remove, without notice, inspiration gallery of images or any other means described under I and III.

The Decopainel disclaims any liability under the irregular use of images made by others.

If the image of your environment is not approved, you will receive an email with the notification of the reason for non-acceptance and can resubmit your project corrected for further examination. So it is important to complete and check the email informed on the form.

Complete the form below to send your environment: