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  • Where can the product be installed?

    Recommended over these surfaces: concrete, wood and gypsum, in residential or commercial environments that are not exposed to humidity or intense sunlight. The working area cannot be exposed to moisture. We recommend you not to install the product in bathrooms, saunas, or on external walls.

  • Does the wall need any special treatment before the product installation?

    It is recommended to finish your wall with a primer. Your wall should be smooth and strong enough to handle screws, fastening and a high quality adhesive.  The surface must be must be completely dry and clean. Remove any flexible existent coating (such as wallpaper or loose paintings) and wipe the surface by removing any dirt or dust. Be sure that the surface is completely dry before installation, it is recommended to wait a minimum period of 72 hours after painting.

  • Can the product be installed on the floor?

    Installation on the floor is not recommented.

  • How to install?

    Installation methods, tutorial videos and manuals can be accessed on our website ( 

  • Is it possible to cut the pieces?

    Yes, you can easily cut the pieces using an appropriate wood saw. For further information, please consult the Installation Method.

  • When cutting the pieces, how do I achieve a good result?

    Depending on the type of material varying circumstances and local conditions, there are different techniques and known practices to achieve good finishing results. Optionally, Decopainel provides a special corner finish for specific products.

  • How to clean?

    Use only a soft cloth, a duster or vacuum cleaner. If necessary, use a lightly moistened cloth.